5 days loop tour Bắc Hà, Lào Cai- Hoàng Su Phì, Hà Giang by private car

Nam Ly Retreat is located in the center of the National Cultural Heritage of Terraces in Nam Ly village, Ban Luoc commune, Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam. An amazing space for watching rice field, swimming in waterfalls, trekking ethnic minority villages, discovering local culture and living with people of Vietnamese Northwest Mountain such as Dao, H'mong, Nung ethnic minority…

Nậm Lỳ Retreat Travel organizes the tour for small groups from min 2 people by SUV car departing from Hanoi everyday. On the route, you will come to Bắc Hà- Nậm Lỳ- Hồ Thầu. You have great time to visit Sin Cheng local fair ( every wednesday), Lùng Phình local fair ( every Friday), Can Cau local fair (every Saturday), Hoang Su Phi local fair ( every Sunday), explore an amazing space of rice field, swimming in waterfalls, hiking ethnic minority villages, discovering local culture and living with people of Vietnamese Northwest Mountain such as Dao, H'mong, Nung ethnic minority…

We bring to you free services during the journey such as: meals, hot & cool drinks (excluding alcohol drinks), snacks, entrance tickets, porters for trekking tours, first aid box…

 The itinerary as follwing:

Day 1: Hà Nội- Bắc Hà 

( Meeting: H'Mong Ethnic, Phù Lá Ethnic group)

On the first day you will depart from Hanoi to Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Bac Ha is the land of H'Mong ethnic minority group living, known as the White Highlands when white color of plum trees blossom everywhere in February. You will visit Hoang A Tuong’ Palace. A Tưởng was a king of H’Mong ethnic minority group in the early 19th century when Vietnam was still colonised by France. He became rich thanks to planting poppy fields and trading drug, so he built a big palace with unique architecture that mixed native culture and French culture. You will spend time walking to see Bac Ha town, visit shops selling souvenir handmade from brocade, silver and buffalo horn. At the end of the day, you will stay in a beautiful traditional H'Mong Bungalow located in a valley with plum gardens, peach gardens. It is so quiet here at night that you can hear the singing of crickets and night birds.

Day 2: Bắc Hà- Nậm Lỳ Retreat.

( Meeting:  La Chí Ethnic, Black Dao Ethnic, H'Mong Ethnic group)

You will visit the traditional local market on Wednesday (Sin Cheng), Friday (Lung Phinh), Saturday (Can Cau), Sunday (Bac Ha/ Coc Pai). Due to difficult terrain, local people often go by foot and it takes a long time even 1 day to go market. Therefore, local markets opend 1 time a week and hold as a weekly festival where locals can buy or sell everything, meet friends and find lovers. The local market is always busy from 6:00 to 11:00 with brocade, handmade silver jewelry, food and drinks shops. You can also visit an animal market stands side by side selling buffaloes, cows, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks.... You will mingle with nature and human life here. In the afternoon, you will arrive at Nậm Lỳ Retreat and have a small hiking, pass through terraces fields as far as the eyes can see and come to a beautiful waterfall in the valley. You will spend the night in a Dao ethnic minority traditional wooden house. Your room overlooks the mountains and terraces fields. You will see the waterfall like white threads flowing down and dim lights of the stilt houses on the other side of the valley look like night stars.

Day 3: Hiking Nậm Lỳ- Hồ Thầu ( 17 km):

( Meeting: Black Dao Ethnic , Nùng Ethnic group)

The next day you will have a full day hiking with a local guide. He doesn't speak much English but can completely understand you via the English translation App. Besides, you will be always supported by Lee Don, a tour operator in time. The local guide will take you through trails, terraces fields, waterfalls, and ethic minority villages. You will enjoy extremely fresh and quiet air. On a sunny day you can swim at the falls. You will visit a Dao ethnic minority family in Ho Thau village to explore the traditional customs, talk to family members, see Dao women weave traditional clothes, take photos with elderlies and especially have lunch with their family as an experience of living with locals. Please note that locals are honest, simple and friendly farmers, so you can buy souvenirs made by themself but should not give them gifts or money.

Day 4: Hiking Hồ Thầu- Nậm Ai ( 17 km)

( Meeting: Red Dao Ethnic group)

Next day you will hike along a very beautiful stream in Nậm Ty, pass through a Shan Tuyết tea hill and have lunch outdoor. Please note that the trail is quite steep so you should make sure about your physical situation for long day hiking. If you cannot take a long hiking, we will customize a new trip in 6 hours by motorbike with driver to visit Nung ethnic minority village in San Xa Ho and Dao ethnic minority village in Suoi Thau  but you will pay for this extra fee.

Day 5: Nậm Ai- Hà Nội

On the way return Hanoi, you will visit the Red Dao ethnic minority in Làng Giang village, a peaceful village has wide rice fields, ancient stilt houses and buffaloes leisurely grazing. You will spend a time to take an Onsen bath in hot spring in Làng Giang with amazing scenery. On the way back, you will have nice moments to stop drink a hot cup of coffee made by Lee himself. Lee is a 6 years experiences tour guide. He speaks English well and drive safely. He understands the customs and traditions in Northwest highland and he will share many interesting stories during the journey to you.

* We can customize a new itinerary as your request


Day 1: Hà Nội- Bắc Hà

- 8:00 Pick up guests at the hotel

- 12:00 have lunch at Bắc Ha town

- 14:00 check in homestay then walk around H’mong village

- 19:00 have dinner

- 20:00 visit night local market ( on Saturday)

Day 2: Bắc Hà- Nậm Lỳ Retreat

- 7:00 Have breakfast

- 8:00 Visit local market ( on Wed- Fri- Sat- Sun)

- 10:00 Visit Bản Phùng village

-12:00 have lunch at Vinh Quang town

- 14:30 Check in Nậm Lỳ Retreat

- 15:00 Hiking to Lung Dam waterfall and Nung ethnic minority village. Bring more clothes if you want to swim. The route is about 8 km

- 19:00 Have dinner

- 20:00 Perform the traditional folklore art of Dao ethnic minority in 1 hour (Applicable to groups of 6 people upward).

Day 3: Hiking Nậm Lỳ- Hồ Thầu ( 17 km):

8:00: Have breakfast

8:30: Pass through beautiful rice terraces, see a nice stream along to villages

12:00: have lunch outdoor

17:00 Arrive Hồ Thầu bungalow

19:00: Have dinner

Day 4: Hiking Hồ Thầu- Nậm Ai ( 18 km)

- 8:00 have breakfast

- 8:30 Hike to Tà Phìn village, the H’mong ethnic minority village.

- 10:30 Visit Tân Phong village, the Red Dao ethnic minority village

- 12:00 Have lunch outdoor

- 13:30 Hike to Đoàn Kết village, pass through Shan Tuyết tea hill

- 17:00 Check in Nậm Ai homestay. You will live with local family homestay

- 18:30 Have dinner

Day 5: Nậm Ai- Hà Nội

8:00 Have breakfast

- 8:30 Check out

- 10:00 Arrive to Red Dao Ethnic minority village in  Giang. Take Onsen bath in hot spring

- 13:00 Have lunch

- 18:30 Arrive to Hanoi.


- Group of 2 people min: 12,500,000 vnd/person

- Group of 3-4 people: 11,900,000 vnd/person

- Group of 5 people- upward : 11,500,000 vnd/person


- SUV car Hanoi- Bac Ha- Hagiang return

- Bungalow/ Homestay private room ( Family room for group of 3 pax)

- Breakfast ( 40,000 vnd/pax)/ Lunch/Dinner ( 150,000 vnd/pax)

- Hot drinks (green tea, coffee), snack, fruit

- Local tour guide for trekking

- Travel insurance, entrance ticket


 - Pay 30% as deposit and pay 70% of balance as soon as the trip starting

- Refund 100% of deposit before 5 days the trip starting

- Deposit do not refund before 4 days the trip starting

- If the hiking stop for bad weather, you can enjoy a cooking class or get a refund of local guide fee ( 800,000 vnd) for each day.

Nậm Lỳ Retreat tọa lạc tại vùng lõi Di sản Văn hóa Quốc gia Ruộng bậc thang thuộc thôn Nậm Lỳ, xã Bản Luốc, huyện Hoàng Su Phì, tỉnh Hà Giang. Một không gian tuyệt vời để ngắm lúa, thăm bản làng và khám phá văn hóa bản địa Tây Bắc Việt Nam của bà con dân tộc Dao, H'mông, Nùng… 
Chúng tôi cũng tổ chức tour Khám phá Hoàng Su Phì mùa lúa chín bằng xe riêng 7 chỗ cho các nhóm gia đình, bạn bè khởi hành từ Hà Nội hàng tuần.

Trong tour 5 ngày 4 đêm bạn sẽ ghé thăm Bắc Hà, thảo nguyên Suôi Thầu, chợ phiên Cốc Pài, Xín Mần, bản Phùng, nghỉ ngơi tại Nậm Lỳ Retreat để khám phá Di sản Văn hóa Quốc gia Ruộng bậc thang. Bạn sẽ có những trải nghiệm sống trong không gian văn hóa truyền thống đầy màu sắc

Ngày 1: Hà Nội- Bắc Hà

- 8:00 Đón khách tại khách sạn

- 12:00 Ăn trưa tại thị trấn Bắc Hà

- 14:00 nhận phòng và đi thăm bản Người Mông ở Na Hối

- 19:00 Ăn tối

- 20:00 Thăm chợ đêm Bắc Hà ( tối thứ 7)
Ngày 2: Bắc Hà- Si Ma Cai- Nậm Lỳ Retreat
-8:00 ăn sáng
-9:00 đi chợ phiên ( Các ngày thứ 4- 6-7-CN)
-11:00 Thăm Thảo nguyên Suổi Thầu hoặc Bản Phùng
-12:00 ăn trưa ở Vinh Quang
-13:30 Vinh Quang- Nậm Lỳ Retreat

-16:00 check in Nậm Lỳ
-19:00 ăn tối

- 20:00 Biểu diễn văn nghệ ( Áp dụng với đoàn từ 6 người trở lên)
Ngày 3: Trekking Nậm Lỳ Retreat
-8:30 ăn sáng
-9:00 trekking Lủng Dăm, ngắm ruộng bậc thang, tắm thác
-12:00 ăn trưa
-14:00 trekking đồi mâm xôi 
-19:00 ăn tối
Ngày 4: Nậm Lỳ- Thông Nguyên
-8:00 ăn sáng
-11:00 check in KS ở Thông Nguyên
-12:00 ăn trưa

-14:00 đi thăm bản người Dao Đỏ ở Nậm Hồng

- 16:00 Tắm lá thuốc người Dao ( khách tự chi trả)
-19:00 ăn tối

Ngày 5: Thông Nguyên- Hà Nội

- 8:00 Ăn sáng

- 8:30 Check out

- 11:30 Đến bản người Tày ở thị trấn Bắc Quang

- 12:00 Ăn trưa tại bản

- 13:30 Thăm bản trong 1 giờ đồng hồ

- 18:30 Về đến Hà Nội. Kết thúc hành trình  

* Giá tour: Vui lòng liên hệ để chúng tôi thiết kế phù hợp thời gian của bạn

* Tour  bao gồm:
- Xe riêng Toyota Fortuner 7 chỗ 2 chiều
- Khách sạn 3 sao ở Bắc Hà và Thông Nguyên, phòng riêng nhà sàn truyền thống ở Nậm Lỳ Retreat
- Tất cả các bữa ăn sáng, trưa, tối trong hành trình
- Trà, cafe, nước Lavie trong hành trình




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